Who We Are

There are a whole series of fortunate events that led up to the founding of Quarter Acre Orchids in 2003!

Kensington Orchids, in Kensington Maryland, where most of us got our orchid supplies, had closed its doors several months earlier, leaving a huge void in the area. I had stocked up on what I thought I would need for a while, but that was quickly dwindling!

I resorted to purchasing orchid supplies at some of the big chain stores, but was disappointed in the quality, the price, and the fact that I often had to go to several stores to find the products I needed!

I then decided that the only way I was going to be able to keep up with my own orchid supply needs was to start buying in bulk! When I inquired about buying large quantities of orchid supplies from various businesses, I was told that I would need a business license and tax ID in order to do so.

So, now I had the business license and the tax ID, and all this “stuff”… most of my orchid friends were in the same dire need of orchid supplies that I had been in, so I started selling a bit here and a bit there.. word got out that I was “in the business” and lo and behold Quarter Acre Orchids was born!

Quarter Acre Orchids is woman owned and operated (by me), and has been opened now for 18 years. The business continues to grow and now includes world wide shipping.

I participate in the National Capital Orchid Society Show each fall and give talks and lectures throughout the year. I also work full time as a Data Security Manager for a economic consulting firm in Washington, DC, maintain a home with three greenhouses, formal gardens, hundreds of orchids, a clutter of cats, and one husband!

Email is the best way to reach me! info@quarteracreorchids.com