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All Season Horticultural Oil - 16oz.
All Season Horticultural Oil - 16oz.
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I love All Season Horticultural oil.. it's easy to use, it's not stinky, and it's highly effective! It also makes your orchid leaves nice and pretty!

I mix according to the directions, which I believe is up to 2 tablespoons per gallon for orchids, and put the solution into a quart pressure pump sprayer. The mixture looks a bit like a very weak milk solution. When I see a plant that has an infestation, I grab a sprayer and soak the plant from top to bottom (it is very important that plants wet with this solution NOT be in any direct sunlight until completely dry - sunburn risk!!!). I will generally quarantine infected plants and spray them once a week for four weeks in a row, and then again every other week for two more times.

I also look at infected plants for signs of stress, since stressed plants are more suseptible to infestations!

Highly recommended!

* as with all pesticides, please read the label carefully and follow directions according to manufacturer instructions.

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