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UltraFine Horticultural Oil - 32oz
UltraFine Horticultural Oil - 32oz
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In getting ready for my last show, I called my old supplier of UltraFine Horticultural Oil, which is a fantastic smothering agent for all kinds of creatures (mealie bugs, scale, mites). Just mix with water * and spray on infested plants... I like to follow a schedule of once a week for 4 weeks, and then every other week for another 4 weeks. That pretty much gets adults, babies and then brand new babies when eggs hatch. Never allow plants wet with this product to be in direct sunlight until they are dry.. otherwise.. burn baby burn!

But I digress from the story....When I first started carrying this product it was available in a nice 8oz container.. perfect for the home orchid collector. Then they stopped making the 8oz size, and 16oz was all I could get. THEN they stopped making the 16oz size, and I bought every case of the product I could get my hands on.. it's really the best!

So, after they stopped making the 16oz size, it was only available in drums, apparently for cattle farmers (don't quote me on that) to keep bugs off the cattle???

It's been several years and I finally ran out of the 16 oz size early last year.. I had a couple personal bottles, but that was it. So, I called my old distributor on the off chance that the manufacturer had gotten word that we wanted it in smaller bottles, and had started manufacturing it again. My rep is rather new and said he had never even heard of it... guess that answered my question!

Lo and behold, two days later, he called me back and said that he's spoken with his warehouse manager, and tucked away in the back of the warehouse were 28 cases of quart sized bottles priced to sell! They just wanted them out of there! I gladly bought them all, and am once again able to offer you this fabulous products at half it's original retail price!

Limited quantities (well.. sort of).. and when this is gone, it's really really really gone.

* as with all pesticides, please read the label carefully and follow directions according to manufacturer instructions.

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