Orchid Pots

Featured here are about 27 different types of clear plastic orchid pots, including 6 different sizes of Rand Air Cone Pots, and a new clear bulb pan. Also found in this section are bulb pans, net pots, and Anderson Band Pots, perfect for orchids with long roots!

Clear Plastic Orchid Pots
27 different styles and sizes of clear plastic orchid pots!
Rand Air Cone Pots
Six sizes of Air Cone Pots, from pretty teeny, to pretty huge!
Bulb Pans, Band Pots & Net Baskets
A nice selection of "other" pots, including bulb pans, net baskets and Anderson Band pots, which are excellent for paphs & phrags!
Nearly Wholesale Orchid Pots
A selection of orchid pots sold in larger quantities.
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