Orchiata #5 Power - 35L

Orchiata #5 Power - 35L
Item# ORC5-35

NOTE: because of a wage increase in New Zealand, and shipping issues, the price of Orchiata has gone up a few dollars per bag, and the size of the bag has gone down by 5 liters.

A great size between seedling and medium size.. at 1/2" (9-12mm) it's great for smaller cattleya, encyclia, epidendrium... very nice.

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6" Rhizome clips for PLASTIC POTS
If you've ever potted up a top heavy orchid with few roots and were beside yourself to keep it in it's pot until new roots formed, then this little metal doohickie is what you needed!

6" rhizome clip for PLASTIC POTS snaps over the side edge of the pot and crosses over the rhizome of your plant between psuedobulbs, holding everything nice and secure!

Really handy for keeping plants in their pots and giving them a good chance for successful new root growth!
6" Rhizome clips for PLASTIC POTS RHIZ6P
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