Dyna-Gro 'Grow'

Dyna-Gro 'Grow' 8 oz.
Dyna-Gro 'Grow' 8 oz.
Item# DGG8

I love Dyna-Gro "Grow"! I switched to it this past year and had a number of Phalaenopsis that grew 4 foot spikes!! I would have thought it a fluke, or the habit of the plant if it had been just one, but these were all mature plants that had spiked and flowered "normally" before, so the change was obvious and the only difference in treatment was the use of this product!

An all purpose complete nutritional concentrate containing all 6 essential macronutrients and all 10 essential micronutrients that every plant needs.

"Grow" can be used to promote both foliage and blooms. It is ideal for poor, rocky soils, container grown plants and hydroponics. The low soluble salts and slightly higher phosphorus make this a great all year orchid formula for those who don't want to switch formulas to promote flowering.

Use "Grow" as a rapid cure for nutrient deficiencies too. Mix as a dilute concentrate for quick acting foliar spray.

If you are looking for a single formula to use all the time on all your plants, this is the one. Use weekly during active growth at 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per gallon. 8 oz. should last quite some time for the hobby grower!

Also great for Afrian violets!

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