*NEW* Mag-ProŽ 2-15-4

Dyna Gro Mag-ProŽ 2-15-4
Dyna Gro Mag-ProŽ 2-15-4
Item# DGMP8

Mag-ProŽ 2-15-4 is a supplement high in phosphorus, magnesium and sulfur. This unique plant supplement can be used with any complete nutrition formula as a blossom booster to help initiate flowering and develop large, vibrant, fragrant flowers, fruit and vegetables. The nutrients in Mag-ProŽ are immediately available, giving your plant the ability to access the nutrients they need at the critical times of flower formation to ensure massive growth, enhanced flavors and aroma. Growers using reverse osmosis, rain or de-ionized water will benefit from the addition of Mag-ProŽ throughout their plants’ growth cycle. Mag-ProŽ is THE blossom booster for growers looking to maximize the beauty and value of their crop.

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