Buoy for Ultrasonic Fogger

Buoy for Ultrasonic Fogger
Buoy for Ultrasonic Fogger
Item# FOGB

The Ultrasonic Fogger must be submerged in approximately 1.5" to 2" of water to fog best. This can be limiting, since most pans and containers are not this shallow, and if they are, the fogger will quickly fog away the water and quit fogging!

The solution to the problem is the Fogger Buoy. This nifty little ring keeps the fogger head floating at just the right depth, no matter how deep the container might be!

Just drop the mist head down into the buoy, float the buoy in your container of clean water, and plug it in... fog will appear immediately!

I like to use a clear acrylic under the bed sweater box... they are available at most big chain stores, and hold alot of water without being too deep. If the container is too deep, the fog will not escape the sides, and will be contained within the container, making the fog itself rather pointless.

If you only have a deep containers, like a bucket, I recommend placing a small fan pointing down at the surface to force the fog up and out of the container!

Show here is a silver buoy.. ours is BLACK.

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