6" Rand Air Cone Pot - VERY Sturdy!

6" Rand Air Cone Pot
6" Rand Air Cone Pot
Item# AIRCN6
$3.30, 10/$29.70

6" Rand Air Cone Pot
This is an authentic Rand Air Cone Pot. It measures 6" on each side and is about 7" tall.. a single pot weighs half a pound and can hold a grown human (me) standing on it! This is one sturdy pot!

It has a cone in the middle of the bottom, which provides great airflow, and giant slits on the side for extra drainage! And did I mention how sturdy it is? And it's fairly straight up and down, so will support even the most top heavy orchids you might have without tipping over.. try it for big oncidiums or giant paphs or phrags!

All I can say is WOW.. this is one honkin' pot!

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