6.5" round at nearly wholesale prices!

6.5" round @ 100+
6.5" round @ 100+
Item# CASE65
$125.00, 100/$125.00

Here is a pot for the more mature orchid in your collection. Perfect for larger Phalaenopsis or Oncidium. The transparency of the pot allows you to see when the moisture is gone, and it's time to water again. This is especially important for large pots, as they tend to dry out much more slowly than smaller pots. Overwatering with so much medium can spell disaster for roots! Good drainage, heavy duty, and UV protected for long lasting durability. 5" deep.

Nearly wholesale pricing starts with a quantity of 100 pots, but you are welcome to order any number over that for the discounted prices.

Pots in quantities of 100 or more will be shipped separately (with separate shipping costs), but will be combined with any other 100+ quantity of pots ordered.

100+ = .98 each.

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